About OpenIOLabs

What is OpenIOLabs?

OpenIOLabs is the open source hardware translator which lets you monitor and control multiple devices with one unified interface.

We break down hardware and programming language barriers, freeing up time and resources for industry and academic experts to perform new operations.

Maybe you spend time prepping, monitoring and controlling large amounts of equipment – each with their own programming and compatibility requirements.

With OpenIOLabs you can link everything to one programmable interface, enabling precise monitoring and control. This means less time spent learning how to use new equipment and more time spent using it to get results.

Our background

The OpenIOLabs platform grew out of the team’s diverse experience in controlling high precision instrumentation and communications systems.

We have years of experience in both the laboratory and industry working with innovators and established players.

Our own past frustrations with integrating hardware drove us to create OpenIOLabs and establish a common platform for getting things done.

Who benefits from OpenIOLabs?

  • Academics and commercial lab users who want to streamline their research
  • Facilities managers and budget-holders who want to get more from their equipment
  • Producers of devices who can increase sales if their products work with complementary devices
  • The open source community – show us what you can do with OpenIOLabs

Your next steps

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