Years of experience in both lab and industry settings have driven our team to build a common platform for getting things done.

Ward Hills, CEO

Ward is an IOD certified director, entrepreneur and investor who is actively involved with a number of business in digital healthcare, biotechnology, nanotechnology and cyber-physical systems. He has a particular affinity for emerging technologies and facilitating their adoption, on a global scale, by industry and business.

Andy Richardson, CTO

Dr. Andy Richardson is an industry expert in the area of communication systems. He has worked in product design, development and research at Nokia and Philips, founded Imagicom International and co-founded 3-Way Networks and Aircom International.

As the CTO at OpenIOLabs, he is responsible for the design and development of an advanced scanning ion conductance microscope and intelligent control systems for laboratory equipment.

Sami Farhat, Software Engineer

Sami is a software engineer experienced in embedded software, web applications, full software stack, web networking and communication protocol and mobile devices. He is specialised in Java, C and Objective C, python, PHP, and iOS.

His application experience includes game development, automation, medical IT and laboratory instrumentation.

Yi Zhou, Application Specialist

Dr. Yi Zhou has many years of research experience in instrumentation and methodology development with Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy, including Potentiometric-SICM and ion channel probe-SICM.

At OpenIOLabs, she works on developing advanced applications and integration of techniques with her knowledge in nanotechnology, electrochemistry, biochemistry and laboratory equipment.

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