Thoughts and updates from the OpenIO team

More than imaging: SICM for biosensing at Imperial College London

A year on from our first installation at Imperial College London, we have returned to install a second SICM system at Prof. Joshua Edel's lab at the South Kensington Campus. Professor Edel and his team focus on the development of new microscale and nanoscale fluidic devices for analytical and bioanalytical applications.

OpenIOLabs acquired by AIM-listed Cronin Group

The OpenIOLabs team is pleased to announce our acquisition by Cronin Group, an AIM-listed company focused on digitising chemistry. The acquisition brings together OpenIOLabs’ capabilities in developing hardware and software for science and industry with Cronin Group’s technical and strategic skills.

Running intricate experiments with bespoke sensors: case study

How can you help lab teams struggling with a sensitive subject matter, a huge workload and lots of data analysis? We’ve recently been working with Professor Andrea Brand’s Group at The Gurdon Institute at the University of Cambridge, helping them improve how they manage intricate experiments on the genetic traits of fruit flies.

Four benefits of implementing IoT in the laboratory

The Internet of Things (IoT) is finally becoming established in the laboratory, allowing researchers and scientists to work more efficiently, minimise failures and even improve their work-life balance. A recent article in the Nature journal provides a fascinating snapshot into the way IoT is changing lab work, clearly showing a shift in the way researchers and scientists work

A Year of OpenIOLabs

2016 was the year that OpenIOLabs went out in to the world, after our hard work developing the product it was time to show you what it was made of. We think we achieved this, and more last year! Read our round up of the year and learn more about the projects we're working on.