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A Year of OpenIOLabs

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2016 was the year that OpenIOLabs went out in to the world, after our hard work developing the product it was time to show you what it was made of. We think we achieved this, and more last year!

Pittcon Stand Web Ready

We launched the product in March 2016, at Pittcon, and our success at this fantastic show propelled us through the year. Since our launch we’re proud to see interest in the industrial internet of things and specifically ScriptML™ growing each month

Creating ScriptML™

The cornerstone of OpenIOLabs’ system is our ScriptML™ (Script Meta-Language), a translator that helps you achieve interoperability and work more effectively. This year we created and launched ScriptML™, instantly bringing more capabilities to our customers in science and industry.

ScriptML™ is flexible, scalable, simple to use and intelligent. Learn more about it in our blog post.

Working together: SICM and OpenIOLabs

What has been particularly useful for many of our customers is that SICM (Scanning Ion Conductance Microscope) now works with OpenIOLabs control. Ionscope became part of OpenIOLabs last year, bringing new capabilities to our customers.

The Ionscope SICM scan head is open sourced so you are able to build a system to your specific requirements with OpenIOLabs. Ionscope SICM was always powerful but now it has moved up a gear!

Indiana University–Bloomington
Indiana University–Bloomington

Find out how it works in practice by reading Indiana University-Bloomington’s case study.  SICM and OpenIOLabs are now part of many projects, including recent installations we did at Imperial College London. We also continue to work with the CoMMiTMenT project, a European Commission funded collaborative project developing imaging technologies based on scanning ion conductance microscopy and optofluidic microscopy.

OpenIOLabs in the real world

We attended Innovate 2016 in November, a huge opportunity for a young company like ours. You shared your stories with us and we are now helping many people build a bespoke OpenIOLabs systems is a diverse range of companies in industrial laboratories,, robotics and manufacturing.

Find out more about how OpenIOLabs works in-situ by reading our user stories,

What’s next?

We will not be slowing down in 2017; we still have more to bring you in the next 12 months. Including…

What would you like to see from OpenIOLabs in 2017? Tell us what you’d like to read on the blog, the kind of products you’d like to see and how you’d like to be supported as a customer. Get in touch or talk to us on Twitter!

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