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Our first SICM installation in Taiwan – working with the National Cheng Kung University

Prof. Chaio-Chen Chen with Dr. Yi Zhou-- Application Scientist from Ionscope.
Prof. Chaio-Chen Chen with Dr. Yi Zhou – Application Scientist from Ionscope

We’ve recently been working with Prof. Chiao-Chen Chen at her lab at the National Cheng Kung University in Tainan, Taiwan, and we’re pleased to announce a new installation there. The Ionscope Scanning Ion Conductance Microscope was successfully installed in October, the first SICM instrument installed not just at this university, but in Taiwan too.

Prof. Chiao-Chen Chen has many years of experience with SICM instrumentation and methodology, having performed experiments using SICM to measure transport through nanopores and biological samples previously using Ionscope’s SICM instrument. In addition, she has published reviews of SICM technique, and many other research papers including the development of a new SICM configuration-Potentiometric-SICM.

Ionscope, and OpenIOLabs, have helped Prof. Chen to set up the SICM with a Patch-Clamp amplifier, which further extends the application of SICM, including low current SICM-SECM experiments, or targeted Patch-Clamp. Prof. Chen also plans on advancing the Potentiometric-SICM she developed to enable measurements of small signals in nanoscale systems.

With the new control system and user interface from OpenIOLabs, integration of SICM with other techniques has never been easier. Ionscope looks forward to new applications and discoveries from Prof.Chen’s group.

To learn more about the SICM system visit our product page, or get in touch to talk about your project. 


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