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More than imaging: SICM for biosensing at Imperial College London

A year on from our first installation at Imperial College London, we have returned to install a second SICM system at Prof. Joshua Edel’s lab at the South Kensington Campus. Professor Edel and his team focus on the development of new microscale and nanoscale fluidic devices for analytical and bioanalytical applications.

Their set up involves a SICM probe which is a hollow pipette with electrolyte, which can also be modified into a sensor itself. This precise, combined platform requires precise control, which SICM can provide – the piezo-based positioning system with ion current feedback provides exact control of the sensor positioning.

So far, the team are very pleased with the SICM system. Dr Nadappuram and Dr Kang, postdocs in Edel’s group, highly praised the stability of the system, which allows measurement of sample surface functions with a well-defined probe-sample distance. The easy to use browser-based UI in our new SICM system also allows for greater control over the experiments – they can control and monitor of SICM experiments from any computer on the internet without pre-installing the software.

The system is well-established within the team already, and they plan to combine single molecule imaging and SICM in the future. We’re looking forward to seeing the results from such a combined platform.

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