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Novel software and new partnerships: our highlights from Pittcon 2017

We’re just back from our trip to Pittcon 2017 in Chicago, our second visit as OpenIOLabs, where we made some fantastic connections once again. We’ve helped more people discover how OpenIOLabs can change the way they work.

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Live demonstrations at Pittcon

We really wanted to show attendees how the OpenIOLabs system works and we did this with a live demonstration on our stand. Using the OpenIOLabs platform, we set up a link from our offices in the UK to the exhibition floor in Chicago. We drew data and controlled hardware in the UK from 4000 miles away for all four days of the show.

This is exactly what you can do with our system too. From any point in the world, you can link systems together and manage and control hardware using our platform. Whether you work in a lab monitoring experiments or in industry managing large operations, our system is powerful enough and flexible enough for the job.

Also on display on our Pittcon standard was our range of Ionscope SICM microscopes, designed to introduce our SICM customers to the new capabilities that OpenIOLabs brings. Part of our stand at Pittcon was a new partnership with 8 Power and the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge. They exhibited their sensors and devices which are compatible with the OpenIOLabs system.

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What we learnt at Pittcon

One of the reasons for going to Pittcon is to get up to speed on the industry and to get a look at the future. We saw a real trend in larger OEMs partnering with novel software companies to form a two-way relationship to benefit hardware users.

These kinds of partnerships allow users to expand the functionality of their traditional lab instruments without a large financial commitment. These novel software solutions act like a plug-in to standard hardware, allowing the new software offering to expand the capabilities of a device. This means someone running an experiment or manufacturing set up can customise to their needs and extend functionality with ease.

It’s what we aim to do with our OpenIOLabs system, to open up hardware. Devices you already have can be used more flexibly by simply plugging in our hardware and using our accompanying software.

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Partner with OpenIOLabs

Our trip to Pittcon was a great success as we’ve already been approached by potential distributors and customers from the event. For more highlights from the event, visit the Pittcon site and their Twitter feed.

We’re also looking to collaborate with other software companies, who can use their software with the OpenIOLabs platform. These partnerships will give our customers more functionality as well as flexible control in data collection applications.

Want to partner your software with the OpenIOLabs platform? Get in touch for a chat!

Learn more about OpenIOLabs

We want OpenIOLabs to help you work more efficiently. Want to explore the improvements you can make? Find out more by reading our guide, ‘What is OpenIOLabs?’, and do read our post on ScriptML™ too.

Are you an SICM customer? Find out more about how our Ionscope products work with OpenIOLabs.

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