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Program and control test equipment: OpenIOLabs’ newest capabilities


Tektronix Oscilloscope

We’re excited to announce that we are adding test equipment capabilities to OpenIOLabs, a new feature which will transform the way you work. Our upgrade now allows you to use test equipment needed to work efficiently day to day.

Where OpenIOLabs is well suited to your bespoke and customised projects, adding test equipment means you can use our system to measure the output and performance during development and troubleshooting. Ad-hoc projects also benefit from OpenIOLabs’ system, you’re now easily able to programme and control test Oscilloscopes and function generators with OpenIOLabs and our ScriptML™.

This progression means the OpenIOLabs system is now extended to allow the use of IEEE488.2 and SCPI to control instruments, which connect via USB to the OpenIOLabs IOIs. ScriptML™ is used to interface to the instrument – allowing user access and control in one place.

OpenIOLabs: now fully connected

Our new features mean that OpenIOLabs is now fully capable of connecting systems, services and devices that require accurate testing technologies and novel sensor systems. Why is this significant? Virtually every industry uses test equipment – aerospace and defence, telecommunications, automotive, energy and electronics – to name a few.

These industries use test and measurement equipment across design, manufacturing, deployment and quality control to ensure the highest product and service standards are met. OpenIOLabs brings all of these disciplines together, increasing efficiency and standards of accuracy.

Our new capabilities also open up the devices currently in your lab or manufacturing facility, the types of equipment we can now work with include:

  • Oscilloscopes
  • Signal generators
  • Digital multimeters
  • Spectrum analysers
  • Network analysers
  • Power meters
  • …and much more

These kinds of test and measurement equipment will always support a form of control interface, which the OpenIOLabs system can connect with. Many instruments support GPIB (formerly HPIB), IEEEE488.2 or the Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI). The SCPI is particularly effective because it defines a common messaging framework that allows instruments from multiple manufacturers to work with the same controller and control application, i.e. OpenIOLabs. This reduces the chance of vendor lock-in and allows for cost savings to be made.

The OpenIOLabs system now takes advantage of the above common frameworks to bring test equipment into our offering. We’d like to think that our system is now essential in your workspace – it can be used on such a large variety of projects so you’ll often find you need us!

Want to learn more about using test equipment with OpenIOLabs? Shop for our products or get in touch to talk about your work.


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