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Customised SICM scan head

L. Zhou& LA Baker.2   Bakergrp scan head 1

Prof. Lane Baker from Indiana University Bloomington, is one of the first customers benefiting from the open source SICM plan.

Professor Baker’s group has significant of experience using SICM to study ion transport. Specific instrumentation and hardware requirements exist for each application of SICM, but modification of commercial instruments remain limited. Constructing a custom SICM is a reasonable alternative. However, challenges in such home-built instrument are the control system and software, especially in sophisticated applications.

OpenIOLabs understands the needs and is working with Professor Baker and his group, by providing the OpenIOLabs controller to run SICM on their customised scan head. A customised SICM scan head construction document prepared by Lushan Zhou and Professor Baker is now available to all registered users on OpenIOLabs website. This application note provides a blueprint for design of custom SICM hardware.

Read the application note on our manuals page.

Visit the Baker group website: