User stories

Data acquisition

Situation: A scientist working in an international collaborative laboratory wants to gather multiple analogue data signals lasting nanoseconds at rates of giga Hz, each triggered separately.

Challenge: Collecting data from multiple channels and coordinating the process to fit within the different needs and budgets.

Solution: Using a data acquisition IO interface with an OpenIO controller trigger, signals can be sent and data collected from multiple channels. ScriptML allows the user to program a set of triggers, gather and store commands, on the server in Python, that will be executed on the data acquisition IOI.  ScriptML ensures that the instructions are executed close to the detector and in the appropriate language for the hardware.

A range of analogue to digital converters and FPGA component are available to meet a range of needs and budgets. The controller IOI can also be combined with the data acquisition in a single unit for further savings in a compact package.