User stories

Setting up the laboratory quickly and efficiently

Situation: A researcher studying for a PhD in analytical chemistry needs to spend time building new apparatus and instrumentation before she can start the project. Not only does a high precision nano positioning system need to be created it needs to operate within a micro-flow chamber whilst sitting on top of an inverted optical microscope. The reactions being studied are fast all the components need to operate at the same time triggered by an unpredictable event in the flow chamber.

Challenge: Each of the sensor and actuators in this system have been used before. Drivers and software exist for each, indeed most are open source and a few are even very well documented. The problem is that although the components are available they are on several hardware platforms and require four different programming languages. Learning the software and coordinating the multiple systems will cost months of her time reducing the time she will have to investigate the actual chemistry that is the core of her project.

Solution: With OpenIOlabs she can create the right setup, using the components she needs, straight away. The hardware interfaces are taken care of by the IOI’s. All the signals are brought to a single platform in a single application language. She can become productive more quickly and her department saves money.