What type of devices can IOIs control?

We have four types of IOIs, which are designed with their own application category, general purpose, data acquisition, edge processing and multi-function, which can be used sensors, actuators and cameras. The combination of different IOIs can cover most of the instrument in a laboratory.  More information please check here.

What is the difference between OpenIO Labs and NI, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino?

OpenIO Labs is a more complete solution for laboratory integration, while maintaining the flexibility of the opensource environment. We use the internet of things protocols (light weight M2M), which is an open industry standard and avoids vendor lock-in.

How do I know if my instrument work with OpenIO Labs IOIs?

Any instrument work which uses Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI; “skippy”) GPIB, USB, RS232 or LAN can work with OpenIOLabs.

How do I choose the IOIs?

Based on the nature of device and signal, you can determine the type of the IOIs first, and then choose the right model that meets the processing and speed requirements, which can be several IOIs of the same model or a combination of different IOIs. OpenIO Labs also allows you to design your own IOIs to meet your own requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Can I use ScriptML™ on other platforms?

ScriptML™ is an open standard, we will be delighted to provide the information in need. Please contact us to discuss.

How can I partner with OpenIOLabs and provide devices compatible with OpenIOLabs platform?

Our system is built  on standard internet of things protocols, such as LW M2M, which is easy to work with different devices. We welcome all partners and are willing to co-develop the software. Please contact us to discuss the project.