As a Power-user in the OpenIO Labs community you have the ability to write scripts so you can control all the equipment in your laboratory as if it were a single unit.  The power of the OpenIO’s smart IO interfaces means you can connect any type of equipment and put your code anywhere in your system you want for fast data collection and precise control:

As a power user you get:

  • Software documentation
  • Software updates
  • Email support
  • Peripheral hardware schematics
  • Executable binary code ScriptML

And of course just like all the members of the OpenIO Labs community you have access to your own secure Notebook. Your notebook is where you store all your data notes and documents, each tagged with meta data tags that allow you to quickly find your data and share it with others.

Documentation, application notes, manuals are all included in your membership.   As is access to our forums where you can ask questions and get support from other members of the community.

Our purpose is to make help you acquire and make the most of your data. This is a low cost service and we intend to keep it that way. Fair use policies may need to be adopted but we will keep you informed and involved.