SICM Multifunctional Controller IO Interface

SICM Multifunctional Controller IO Interface

Multifunctional controller. Includes Ionscope imaging software. POA.

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The SPM IOI can be purchased as part of a complete SICM system or separately as the controller for your own scan head.

The Openiolabs IOI interfaces the control and feedback positioning signals from the piezo nano-positioning stages and the DC-motors in the scan head, to an advanced multi-loop control system.

Additional interfaces are available on the controller front panel to allow, for example, a signal to be brought from an external measuring device into the controller for capture in synchronisation with the detection of the threshold ion current.

Includes Ionscope imaging software.

Ionscope scan head instruction and user example will be provided. Manual Assembly instruction.


Controller Electronics

  • CPU: 32 bit, 900M Hz and 1GB RAM
  • ADC: 8 channels, 16 bit, ±10 V
  • DAC: 8 channels, 16 bit, ±10 V
  • TCP/IP connection to PC
  • Aux input for additional probes
  • Sampling frequency 50 KHz

Controller Software

  • Fully integrated embedded software including FPGA module and real-time module
  • Digital filtering for noise reduction
  • Automatic software update from PC

General configuration parameters

  • Ion current bias voltage
  • Immersion threshold and depth
  • Approach/withdraw speed
  • Scan area (in µm and pixels)
  • Scan origin

Hopping configuration

  • Ion current: detection threshold, measurement time (ms)
  • Min hop height (nm), fall rate/rise rate (nm/ms)


  • Immersion status, real-time ion current display

Topography Display

  • 3D full colour display, user controlled display
  • 2D full colour display, XY cross section of Z-axis

Supported Modes &Features

Hopping mode

  • 100 x 100 μm scan area
  • Scan with an angle

Manual approach

  • Control of X,Y and Z start location in μm
  • Control of step size
  • Keyboard control of Z movement

Approach curve

  • Selectable points from scan or user defined XY
  • Multiple measurements for each XY location
  • Full control of approach and retraction for each XY

Application Modes

  • SICM
  • SECM
  • Manual approach for electrophysiology and delivery
  • All parameters stored in an exportable MDB database
  • TDMS database for sampled data measurements
Viewing Software
  • SPIP Compatible exported data (Image Metrology)
  • TDMS plugins for Matlab, Octave and Excel for post processing of scanned data
Supported Microscopes
  • Compatible with most models and makes
  • Olympus IX73/53
  • Nikon Ti series


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