User stories

Our growing community of beta testers are finding out how OpenIOLabs can help you control and monitor different types of equipment seamlessly – regardless of device vendor, make or data protocol. We will soon be adding your own customer stories to this page. Here are some scenarios to inspire you…

Customised SICM scan head

    Prof. Lane Baker from Indiana University Bloomington, is one of the first customers benefiting from the open source SICM plan. Professor Baker’s group has significant of experience using SICM to study ion transport. Specific instrumentation and hardware requirements exist for each application of SICM, but modification of commercial instruments remain limited. Constructing a custom SICM […]

SICM scan head

Video processing and motor control

A plant biologist wants to 3D image growing plants so that an instruments can follow the upward tract and reimage the same spot multiple times over days.

This needs to be done on several plants in parallel.

Using edge processing and general purpose IOI, linked via an OpenIO controller, the biologist can gather the extensive data required.

User story Plant

Confocal -SICM integration

Using a multi-function IO interface and OpenIO controller to control and monitor a variety of apparatus and data sets.

Confocal cropped

Scanning ion conductance microscopy

Users want to create experiment-specific scans and pipette manipulations as well as using standard commercial software.

How can they use lots of different devices and software packages to carry out their work with speed and precision, even though they all use different programming languages?

Picture 6

Data acquisition

A scientist working in an international collaborative laboratory wants to gather multiple analogue data signals lasting nanoseconds at rates of many Hz, each triggered separately.

How can she collect the data from multiple channels and coordinate the process so it meets the different needs and stays within budget?


Controlling basic sensors and actuators

A biologist needs to maintain temperature and humidity in several test chambers growing new plant varieties.

IO Interfaces (IOI) quickly connect sets of temperature and humidity sensors to heaters and to the programmable controller.

ScriptML™ is used to stay in control at all times.

User story sensors 5

Setting up the laboratory quickly and efficiently

A researcher studying for a PhD in analytical chemistry needs to spend time building new apparatus and instrumentation before she can start the project.

With OpenIOlabs she can create the right setup, using the components she needs, straight away.