What is OpenIOLabs?

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The modern laboratory is packed full of sophisticated instrumentation, each with its own control systems, languages and connectors.

This lack of universal interoperability is standing between you and the business of discovery.

The OpenIOLabs platform is for those working with multiple pieces of equipment in a lab or industrial environment.

It bridges the language and compatibility gap between various hardware and software, bringing different systems together to create one point of control.

That means you can use the exact hardware you need without worrying about makes, models and vendors, controlling and monitoring it all at once, in real time.

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OpenIO labs is LabBook

UI clound iconThe central component of the OpenIO platform is the LabBook, from which instruments are controlled and information organised.  The LabBook runs in the cloud and provides tools such as metadata tagging, reporting, monitoring, storage and programmatic control of the equipment in your lab.  The LabBook controls the programmable IO Interfaces which provide connections to the many type of instruments you use via our software translator ScriptML™.


OpenIOLabs is ScriptML™ 

ScriptML IconAt the heart of the OpenIOLabs system, our ScriptML™ metalanguage translates your application’s logic to your equipment in its own programming and control languages. You can avoid learning new protocols and get on with your work.

Using ScriptML you can program in the language of your choice and have it understood across your entire system.

Find out more about how ScriptML™ works


OpenIOLabs is IO Interface

Controller IconIOI are hardware connectors with their own processing capabilities. The IOIs provide the means to integrate any two pieces of equipment, from USB or serial to a twisted pair of bare copper wires!

They impart intelligence to your hardware. Instructions can run on the IOI independently of the rest of your system.

This means data can be pre-processed right there at the sensor, quickly and efficiently avoiding network latencies and security issues.

Find out more about IO Interfaces


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