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Basic Power-User Developer
Price  Free 


£1000 per year
for 5 users 
(or £100 monthly)
£6,000 per year
for 5 users
(or £600 monthly) 
Suitable for Data Acquisition Instrument Control Hardware Development
Online OpenIO platform-LabBook
LabBook-data acquisition
Cloud based secure, automated data storage with time stamping**
Metadata tagging for data organisation and reporting
Unified data structure across instruments to minimise reporting complexity
Direct data link from your instruments (Python, C, MatLab, Octave, Labview, RESTful interfaces)
Acquire data from multiple devices and systems
Responsive data acquisition and edge processing  (ScriptML™, USB, ADC, GPIB and other LWM2M interfaces)  
LabBook-instrument control      
Two way hardware control via ScriptML™ and LWM2M protocols  
Automated operation of multiple types of new and legacy equipment in parallel  
Automated remote control over networks  
Edge processing for autonomous  
Write new  Python and C scripts and control devices via ScriptML™*  
Development Materials      
Software updates
Peripheral hardware schematics  
Executable binary ScriptML™ code
Technical and development notes  
Application and development support at hourly rate
Source code and documentation for ScripML™ tools
Develoment support from our experts
Support  Community  Community & email Community, email & phone


*If your membership lapses, existing scripts in the system can still run in an uneditable mode.

**Fair usage data limits might apply  in some cases. Contact us to learn more